Game detects 900+ max fps

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Game detects 900+ max fps

Postby MichaelSmith » Fri May 18, 2018 9:53 am


I just downloaded the game again on my windows 10 laptop with both Intel Graphics 530 and NVIDIA GTX 970M. When I start the game or manually start the fps detection, it detects something in the range of 899.9 - 900.1 FPS for some reason, and according to the log files the game ends up setting the FPS to 144. This only happens in the max fps detection - the settings consistently report my fps at ~60.
Setting target FPS to 60 seems to fix the game to the right 60 fps, but I can't enable VSYNC because the 60 target fps doesn't match my "actual" 900+ fps.
I also crash frequently when being born but I'm not sure if this is related. The game runs fine on my desktop computer.

Any help will be apprecited.
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