The warm breeze

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The warm breeze

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The warm breeze blew the familiar taste, the white clouds brought the old fragments, and the blue sky reflected the glitz of the past. In the long river of Tao Tao's years, there is also a shadow in your annihilation time, which is slow and arrogant. The water is far away from the mountains. Song Xuan is on the bamboo raft..." No one can predict who he will meet, no one can change who he has met. On the last leg of this study, you and I met several times. The moon is as normal as it is, and it seems to be as natural as the conversion of the sun and the sky. It is often overlooked like a light breeze. It is more like no one cares about the number of bird songs. When the sound disappears, no one cares why there is no sound. Every time the leaves fall, no one knows how much it has fallen. Sometimes, when we are out, we suddenly feel emotional: Oh, autumn is here. Most of the encounters are destined to be filled with classmates. The noisy voice is filled with the whole space. After the figure is heavy, you can still notice the trace of your existence. Gradually, your name appears in my mind. There seems to be an inexplicable force that makes you and me familiar with each other. Slowly, I am more and more arrogant in front of me, and my speech is even more unscrupulous. However, I have always been like that, not cold or hot, the world does not care, speaks less, speaks coldly. Occasionally smiles slightly, there is People seem to be more inscrutable, never thought about it, you actually see it like this. Many people think that you and I are very uncommon. The wind and rain are the same as the umbrella, and there is nothing to do. This is just like a couple. You and I are not interested in the same sex. Every day, I go back to the bedroom. Otherwise, I will say something Marlboro Cigarettes. "The extremes will be reversed, and the full moon will be lost." "This is not a fake. Maybe you don't care about your mood swings. A little joke like usual will arouse your infinite anger. In the face of the class, you gave me a slap in the face and looked at you Wholesale Cigarettes." I was full of surprises, but I didn't show anything. Looking at me, it didn't matter, you turned and went. After many years, I realized what the look before turning around meant Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Looking at you When I left, I could only smile. I asked myself, this is what I have since, you and I are in the same way, even when you have to open your mouth, you will talk to strangers. The coldness is abnormal. Time goes by, in the blink of an eye, We graduated. I didn't expect that we are still so familiar with strangers for years, a heavy rain pouring down the spring season, a familiar figure in a small restaurant in the shadows caught my eye. I am ready to say hello Suddenly, I don��t know why rationality controlled me. The figure also saw me, but the eyes were so strange. No matter what happened in the past Cigarettes Online, many years. I can��t meet this kind of eyes afterwards. I��ve re-examined it. Although it��s like you, it��s not you... holding an umbrella and slowly walking into the rain, I can��t help but think of it. When you had the scene next to you, you turned your head slightly, and the figure appeared in front of me Cigarettes For Sale, just like you stood by me, but he passed by. It disappeared in the rain... I don��t know why I suddenly wanted to call you. I thought you had changed the number. I didn��t expect that familiar voice would ring in my ear. Just talk for more than half an hour. You are still you, me or me, Nothing has changed... I only blame that we were too young and too reluctant, and no one came out of the first step. After so many years, it was actually the first time to talk to the rain, and there was no way to stop. Thank you for traveling with me on Tianya Road.

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