I remember the first c

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I remember the first c

Postby ylq123 » Wed May 15, 2019 3:25 am

I remember the first contact with cross-stitch, about ten years ago, when it was still in the small town of Shaanxi, the wave of cross-stitch was overwhelming, and the shops of different sizes began to sell. Even the small shops at the school were not spared. Even my son was affected. One day, I asked him to buy him a pendant and said that he had to embroider it. I was very resistant to this matter because I was also a white-collar worker at the power plant, belonging to a female intellectual. Time is not good, it is a bit disdainful, but the son��s small request is still satisfied with him. As a result, he came back and embroidered without two needles. I had to continue to complete the task Online Cigarettes, two Hours later, a goose-yellow piglet with a pink face with wings was done, I also realized that the fun of hand-made is still in love with it Carton Of Cigarettes. After successfully purchasing a few small pendants online, I am ambitiously ready to embroider large works. . I remember that I was hiding in the office on weekends with my friends. I browsed the cross-stitch shop on Taobao and faced hundreds of beautifully-sold treasures for sale. It was like visiting a painting exhibition, and occasionally issued a "wow" sigh. I am embarrassed to get up. At that time, we all wanted everything, but they were all young women with insufficient economic strength. Many of them just looked at it. They saw a lot of them, they were full of eye addiction, and finally they considered the price/performance ratio and bought a few big ones. My friend is very crazy and very productive. Around the clock, I have embroidered many finished products in a few years, and gave it to my family and relatives for marriage and marriage. I moved to a new home and won a lot of praise. And I am inferior. Maybe I only care about the process. It��s almost ten years. There are only a few small pendants, two large pieces that are often embroidered. I have been embroidering 50*60cm in Shaanxi for a hundred flowers. It is colorful and thriving Wholesale Cigarettes. After coming to Shandong, the work of the children is busy. It is too troublesome to change the 50 kinds of lines and change the embroidered 60*120cm "Ai Lian said", only 8 kinds of lines, embroidered A large piece does not need to change the line. It is simple and convenient. I took out the unfinished works for his father two days ago. I wanted to get praise. I didn��t expect my son to say: "Mom! You have been here for five years, you haven��t Embroidered?" Let me laugh and cry! Reviewing myself, I am a very heavy-hearted person. I can't sit still when I am shopping. When I can't go out, my preferred pastime is to look at the novels borrowed from the library. I usually have a busy housework and I want to go shopping on weekends. I seriously think about it, these are the ones that have been embroidered for a limited number of long holidays and annual vacations. I recall the time of embroidering cross-stitch. For me, I feel calm, feel good time, or winter indoor sunshine. There are plenty of things, or the windows are swaying with my favorite goose feathers and snow, otherwise it is raining heavily, the interior is quiet, the heart is very comfortable Cheap Cigarettes, the peace and quiet are rare, I usually listen to music, listen to novels, and use one heart and two. There are always times when you can concentrate on embroidering and sloppy, but when you are embroidered and concentrating on listening to the sloppy, but after a few hours Marlboro Gold, the embroidered a large piece, and you can compare it, look left and right, and your heart is really beautiful. Stay in such peace and tranquility forever. Once I said to my mother: "I must take a good look at the novel after retiring, and embroider a few cross stitches." Mother said: "When I wait until then, my eyes will not work!" I really didn't think that it was a piece of embroidery. Cross stitch must be early, it really makes people sigh the shortness of life, and deeply for the youth time they have spent (not able to read my favorite book), seriously affecting their own happy feelings for adults and things after adulthood. It��s a pity! How many days have I been in the past forty years? With pains and pains, I secretly warned myself: In the days to come, I must live happily, do what I like, and be a person I like!

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