How do I backup my AOL Desktop Gold?

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How do I backup my AOL Desktop Gold?

Postby stefanijhonson » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:23 am

After you successfully AOL gold download install you can use the AOL Saved on My PC filing cabinet to back up all your emails and personal data:

Search the device for a file called “(your AOL screen name).abi.”
Go to the ‘C_America Online 9.0’folder.
Mark the ‘Organize’ folder and choose the option to Edit/Copy
Open the location where you want to back the files
Go to the menu and select ‘Edit/Paste’

Now you can easily recover or transfer your data whenever you want. If you have any queries about the steps mentioned contact download AOL gold software and speak to an AOL executive about the issue you are facing.

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