idea for a new hybrid game using augmented-r / vr / google-maps (or something like it )

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idea for a new hybrid game using augmented-r / vr / google-maps (or something like it )

Postby Vurrath » Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:52 am

a while back i had an idea for a new game, that 5lives or perhaps someone else if 5lives could not get the funding themselves, 5lives AND, someone who could (but wow! would you need the original stylists / game designers, otherwise it would be ruined... ) ...

Where, the setting is a little further back from the ending in SR, and perhaps before the original Syndicate, were they in the same plot-universe?

* *shrugs* * no idea...

regardless, a little further back, so in our immediate future,.. security's getting better, robots are being used more, but cybernetics still isn't much ;

players play in teams of at least 4, more in larger finals in competitions,.. but ordinarily, when wanting to log in, and play against some other team, >4,..

OR, just in smaller numbers in a passive PvE sense,..

in a top-down, like SR, very similar format to missions / HUD, controls, etc... type game,

where instead of there being a set single plot based on story,

there is a introduction in the solo mode / campaign mode, but it's only really a primer, for one's then ;

#1 PvE, passive loading of shared/non-private maps - see below about google-earth

#2 non-league team V team score/stats ( friendlies per football ) - see below about google-earth

#3 locally funded/organised competitions, that are registered but 5lives does not manage or fund, or spend much time on, ( and has limited support )

#4 large, commercial competitions, that have both advertising from real-world sponsors, and 5lives/whoever, gets more involved, and support exists, rules are established/enforced, etc.

just before i continue, the real-world advertising (to partially fund it) ... is for competitions, the advertisers then wanting you to defend, or attack a competitor, SET, in a google-earth CONVERTED 3D map, INTO, a SR like, play-space! so there's potential money there, to get it paid for / started - a drone manufacturer, pays for a competition, suprise suprise, set, in a drone factory with their advertising, the 'bad' guys, a rag-tag bunch of saboteurs, preventing a cruel mayor's new security-state city plan,.. etc

this is just one example - micro missions / games, are the WHERE, is this game set/player... but the catch? in maps, made FROM, a google-earth image, converted into game-map data !

so say ... if one office in a government department was particularly hostile towards another, had a nutter, 'wacky' director, or HR manager... their staff could challenge the other office's staff,.. OR,.. a school could challenge another school, taking turns at attack/defence at each others', etc.

imagine taking turns attacking the school down the road, in 2 teams of 4, then defending against them,

#1 a automatically converting program, converts the gross sizes/shapes / appearances of the OUTER parts, of your school's buildings, and then,
#2 before the map is initially drafts-started, someone goes over the basic structures, to check for gross errors,.. then,

#3 whoever is running the event, agrees on what is to be ADDED, to the basic structure of the map, in terms of play - objectives, starting points,.. AI,.. monsters... whatever.

this part, ( #3 ) is the fun part, in terms of design - user-friendly, a slightly soft-edges plastic-look, ease ... of use of item placement, building-dimensions-alteration, placement of obstacles, environmental hazards, etc, etc, etc ... before the map is finalised.

the user-friendliness, would make the map editor/designer, much more attractive to use / easy to LEARN, so there's not difficulty in making maps in a hurry, or so it doesn't take too much of ppl's TIME. that would be paramount, or this would never become popular.

#4 after both sides / however-many sides agree,.. someone creates a game on a server, the final version is uploaded,..
( the editor, would be check-list stages, programmed, so any idiot can do it )

IT's functions, THEN, after up-load, acts as the referee / inbetween or outside system,
so say, for observers using free-cameras, they'd only connect via the common server, (this would make connections between competitors smoother / never DoS-attacked via services like observer-requests, or game-stats-requests, etc.

#5 one's map/scenario / flexi-setting, is then available,
and for everything except open-to-the-net friendlies games, both sides/however many sides, get a password.
one additional by-product, maps never played before, could be kept from the public, also, to build tension, potentially - should it ever become popular enough that ppl would watch competitions.


that's it, in a nutshell. the intro / campaign mode, would only introduce the minimum plot-device/s,

for a kind of uncertainty state, of governments, security industries, militaries, police... a wide variety of protagonists,.. maybe even the pre-cursors to the old religious nuts in the original syndicate? :D i can't remember the story, i read it yeaaaars ago. whoever. as many as ppl could want - protagonists, could be ADDED, in a free-creative kind of clash, of settings/themes / plot-devices - as ppl come up with new ones, there's maybe a reward, for creative ideas that get adopted, for new challenges? they could be added in updates?

competitions are run PARALLEL, to solo/small private play of public maps, in both public maps, or private ones, especially any large commercial competitions, where fair play would be demanded / necessary.

ordianry advertisers/sponsors, would get by comparison, a kind of constant, (semi)permanent (unless revoked/removed) ... advertising, for a moderately cheap, price, compared to TV advertising, etc...

and from a players perspective, one can BROWSE, through something like google earth, in 3D... to find, pre-made maps, to play in, even if not interested in map/scenario making.

one could still go... ooo! kewl! im going to go prevent 15 malfunctioning service-robots going beserk at the local shopping centre!
what? you're going to do your homework! you can do that, after. WHAT WHAT WHAT? malfunctioning service-robots going beserk at the local shopping centre ? i'll have to go shopping somewhere else!..

heh heh... stupid mum... :D


one could then play solo, in maps ALREADY uploaded, to the common servers ( a international network, eventually ( oh aren't i so ambitious, someone get me a unrealistic Dynasty busty wench to appreciate and marry me! ) ) ... realistically at-FIRST... one or two single common servers ,..

or in small teams, on the same uploaded maps, and try all the then continually added-to, combinations of the limits of the yet-cybernetic difficulties, LIKE, the top-down view, of, SR, with the augmented / early days pre-processors, BIONIC, augs, setting... versus, the challenges ppl write into their maps.


Competition, would then be as i said, of 2 types, privately funded / purchased, OR

fully commercial.

competition-maps, could be private, OR,
public, for ppl to play after they see it.

a type of online entertainment-coverage would be an option, in terms of INTEREST, if the money was there / risk was ok,
but at least a free-camera observer mode, could be accessible when the ppl running competitions, allowed it.
that would allow for interest to INCREASE, so as to reduce the chances of it dwindling down.

a bit like how (somehow) , live MOBAs are watched by millions, but instead of only that... the maps, are AUGMENTED REALITY, visitable - imagine, a Tokyo resident, being able to whip out the mobile phone / tablet, and show a friend, the map that was played yesterday, that the friend missed... BY WALKING HIM THROUGH IT, IN THE REAL WORLD - a... pfff... exhibition centre, or a public park, or something.

advertisers would probably demand them be public-after-the-competition,

PRIVATE competitions, could say no, if they wanted.


why would anyone be interested in commercials in it?

(sigh) well... this is where it gets kinda interesting...

when your map/module/scenario designer, is starting out,

real-world commercial interests, could essentially get a kind of advertising,.. that would LAST - instead of tuning out to the fine details of something in an ad in 2D flat recognised AS advertising, ads on TV, radio, etc... would BE, wherever advertisers would want you ;

going through a museum, where advertising is surreptitiously hidden in the background walls, etc... for a assassination-plot one

going through an esplanade, for a kidnapping-prevention one, where a large sign is in the background of the city,

going through a new market, if someone wanted to re-create the persuiting the diplomat-brain-hacker scene, out of Ghost in the shell, for example.

new apartment building companies, could get a much more interesting version of a otherwise crappy plain-solids designed by engineers walk-through program that no-one ever watches,.. etc

Instead of ppl spending NO TIME, whatsoever,
on things like 3D walk-throughs of some over-priced engineering effort...'d be PLAYING in them!

THAT, should, ring bells in intelligent advertiser's minds.
getting it popular for advertising-exposure, would be the jump-up, needed.

the point of the cheap-end, small business level, advertising, would be for the permanent-maps advertising, that a lot of the time would be missed, for crappy 1-star maps, compared to 10-star maps...

but would still be LOCAL, for everyone wanting to play locally, take a walk locally, use augmented-R,.. locally.
THAT, is what i thought would be the fun side of getting into it initially - new players, would have it AROUND, them. around the corner, potentially.


that's why. playing IN them.
most advertising, does not get that.

*raised eyebrow* eh? not so stupid now?

OK... now if that sounds like only a mmmm... maybe... too much advertising would give me the shits...

yep,.. yep.. hang on...

SINCE, it would be set back in technology levels... in terms of the plot-setting,..
and SINCE when making maps for new areas, you'd have to start with fresh clones fresh players,..

ppl could not start on a map for n00bs, with some monster league team... a standard start , would set everyone on a level playing field, when getting a common, public, open, map UPLOADED.

you'd always have a lot LESS, gear, than in SR, in terms of ACCUMULATION, and THAT,.. could combine, with commercial interests, in terms of a matched industry interest... so say a electronics company, could get some advertising, if you're sponsored to defend a business-centre... yawn... microtransaction-income, but it's work,.. ok guys, lets do this,... get this done, we can go back to what we really like playing...

but as they go through the map... you have to USE a UNIQUE item, locked, ONLY, in this map,..
that's got their brand name on it - no avoiding it,.. they're a electronics company... its a similar device, to what the real-world company ACTUALLY SELLS, in reality.
or is a number of generations-away, or only on the drawing board , in sci-fi, yet-to-be-designed... etc.

still sounds advertising-crap? yep, some of THOSE, would be... however...

ALSO IMAGINE, that your nearest real-world military base, wants to set up a challenge-us competition ;
where they get a minor heads start of gear, and their own map, a similarly, google-maps generated gross-buildings, map,..

and all new player-groups, perhaps more familiar with the game, when officers/recruits are familiar with the buildings / locale...

then fight it out, week after week, the winner getting... pfffff, i dunno, some 2nd hand military junk, or a ride in a fighter or tank or something,

but the military, gets something much more effective than crap TV advertising.

AFTER the competition is over, a permanent, clickable upon in the google-maps LIKE overview,.. opens up the map AS IT WAS for the competition,..

and one could then with 8 friends,.. play the SAME map.

ACCESS, is the name of the game, for my idea, just like that. being able to use a combination of an ; 1,.. EDITOR, 2,.. a converter for the editor's initial map, 3,.. capacity to play for fun, AND commercial-potentials, in terms of the game-modes / business model,.. 4,.. 2 types of characters, one that is BASE, and is what is used for common, open, freely uploaded maps, the other, competition save-games, where gear is accumulated / characters are saved/improove.

low-rewards competitions, could be used as a long-term investment in your character, reason to participate in low-hype, but also low-sponsorship, competitions - the subsidy for you & your friends, would be low, but it might be enough to be encouraged to KEEP playing, so that you can keep getting a supplemental income (to chores, casual work, part-time job,.. etc)

side point...
All ex-competition maps would need to be slightly modified, before being left for public use - competition settings would be stripped, and public, team-deathmatch so-to speak,
small teamVteam, items/ would be inserted where needed - did i say AS they were, in the competitions, before? *gulp* almost, exactly, i should've said.)


Generally, more commonly,
games would be temporary, except for solo mode PvE , private-games (co-op or friendlies) of 4 PvE, of which, none of your gear, can be used in PvP, or in competitions

And seperately, league / competition saved games.


so GEAR, could be temporary also,

and ONLY PLAYABLE, in the maps that the commercial-interest,.. the military, the police, a hardware store selling nailguns, a security company trying to sell security systems... etc...

would WANT, it available, IN ( the advertising hook )

and a LIBRARY, of gear, should be sort-able through,
so as to be able to find 'that piece of equipment' ,
'that weapon' ... that one then tells others about, in terms of difference experience in the gameplay.

so if a particular combination of a tactic, and a piece of equipment, was kinda fun... you could get your 7 friends together, load a map, show em what you mean,.. and go from there.

RE-playable, on the micro-map, level.

THAT WAY,.. one could have a BASE GAME,.. with base stats, like the members of the public stats (running, health, etc) from SR,..

but then in order to play the things that would make the experience in each new map different, if there was a UNIQUE piece of equipment / weapon, etc...
one would have to play the maps of the sponsors, that funded the whole thing.

AND, the common fun-side, compared to the commercial side, would not DEPEND, on gear-collection-grind - ppl who only played a little, would be no worse off, compared to someone who played it all the time,..

aside from experience, when starting a open, common, public map.

Grandad could get on, and time a particuarly well timed grenade down a access ramp, as the family is being chased by security,.. and use his brain, from being familiar with the public parking at the shops, that always shits him,.. since in his mind, in that moment... they DESERVE, it, since they work for the shopping mall... etc.


and be potentially a life saver, compared to just another punk running for his life, not using his brain, etc.

APPLIED solutions-thinking.


any takers?

might sound too commercial?

yeah maybe... but the idea came to mind, after watching a of all things, article about that Pokemon augmented reality game, whatever it's called.

UNLIKE that crap, something like this, would be quite;..

1 design-a-map ... fun...

2 have a blast with friends... hopefully/usually -fun...

3 if its any good, a commercial interest might pay you a token tiddy amount, to get a approved map uploaded with a little advertising in it, but set slightly differently... your skate-park punks, take on a bunch of security guards, after they mis-identify you as whoever must've broken in last night... basic, ppl would usually not be interested in the map, but it's there... UPLOADED... you can tell your friends about it... fun!..

4 after you've got your 1st sponsored map,.. you get a reputation, or stars-rating... perhaps one day you could be asked to make a map for a larger commercial interest... a shopping centre...

making a map, for destroying some annoying shopping centre, in a SR scenario? it's like crazy kids doing what they'd WANT, to do, when otherwise being dragged to the shopping mall by their mum,..

much more fun!

4(2) even if you never got a job as a map designer,.. being able to look up WHERE, you live, in your real world neighbourhood... and play maps created by your friends, family, schoolmates, employer ! , C.O. , etc.

just idly... no waiting for a competition... just able to log-in, find a map, and away you go, with however many minimum players it needs.


oh by the way.. one player-chr is controlled each, by default - this would reduce a few bugs out of the SR code, i'd imagine.


example -

i live in Melbourne... i was momentarily thinking about this idea, and literally just switched to google earth, and thought one up, a micro one... in 5 minutes ;

enjoy ;

this is just an example, of one's very 1st step, in imagining a map - taken straight from a google earth image, RELAX, google, when you read this, there's no copyright problems,.. the idea is to get a license FROM you, not to rip anything off - this is just the idea stage - no ownership except my idea, exists, yet.

EXPLANATION - the large yellow circle, is where the players start, a heads-overview description, classic-text-box superimposition over the map, as the game is paused when you start it,.. says

"you were told you were to wait for an informant here, who you were to then escort, to a park nearby, however, the job has changed... we've just heard you're being surrounded... get to that park!"

a flashing dot appears, in the park to the left... off you go. You start getting shot at, by a sniper somewhere... hopefully one of you is familiar with the REAL-WORLD terrain - stairwells, access-ramps, drops off ledges you won't die from falling, etc

( oh yes, a little Parkourm would go a LONG WAY, in improoving SR - that would also be crucial for max-fun )

there is are no directions, no yellow arrow, but that's the path i've illustrated just to show you how you could use TERRAIN, real, world terrain... your school's fences, your workplace's annoying advertising of your boss's FACE, that you'd like to chuck a grenade at,.. etc ;)

the red circles, are the enemies that emerge when they detect you, the one to your immediate left, the train underpass, is where fully-processors-in-brain-cyborgs come out,... yipes! but the others are only other-augmented-humans - deal-able-with, as you go.

the red crosses are fences / where trains will be moving, and you can't pass.


I thought it up in under 1/2 hour.

most ppl could do that, or at least with a bit more time.

i'd then add weapons, interactive stuff... CCTV cameras, that would relay one's position to security / cops, who would then go to where you've been seen...

etc etc

[ ... BaeDgSd3p3 ]


now THAT... is what i meant.

nothing but a google-earth VIEW... so google would get lots of advertising, (if you had to use them),
somehow take-a-snap-shot ... converted, into a 3D best-guess model,.. then edited to get rid of the bumps,.. correct rubbish bins, from telephone booths, etc...
and you go from there.

THAT,.. turning a nothing-but-imagined idea, into a map, a scenario, to be able to be played by a friend half-way around the world...

the UNLIMITED creative-side it would facilitate... a imagined situation, would be directly up-loadable, SINCE IT WOULD NOT DEPEND, ON THINGS LIKE PHOTOGRAPHY - the standard, that something like google earth would create, would be able to be relatively consistently converted, once you'd done the hard-yards, on the programming side of things.

a lot of your work, from 5lives / whoever's POV ... would be done BY, the customers.


not that actual image, in my example, just to be clear :)

using a 3D interactive screen LIKE, that, but when you select the area, it then asks you to wait... converts the google-earth data, or whatever program you'd use...
( google earth is the only thing i know of, you could use for this)

a interactive-screen of some kind,.. at the server? *shrugs*

and IT,.. not one's crappy photography, or screen-shot-capturing / editing skills... ha! paintbrush...

would... be WHAT... makes each map, before editing.

something like my crappy proto-example, made so quickly, would be no-where near, what a commercial interest would want.

i only showed here, how one would be able to use something so COMMONLY ACCESSABLE, to be able to participate in play.
the disabled, would also be able to MAKE maps, even if they couldn't play them, for example - that kind of reveals, what it's all about - reducing work for the dev teams, by getting the converter-engine right the 1st time, or at least, getting google to part own it,.. and THEY, can be whome, does the hard yards in terms of the conversion engine.

that might be the only choice they'd give you, i'd imagine - impractical / un-realistic, to try to do it yourselves, with some customised licence, i'd imagine. *shrugs*

a google-owned offshoot company, or something, fully able to use google-earth code.

BUT ... the point about sponsorship / getting a competition going... is that by the time only a small fee / effort, for each map,
got the ball rolling, of competitive-design...

between, map designers, i mean,..

they'd get a LOT more interesting, a lot more reliably, than one's own efforts, and THAT, is what would make the game fun to play.

pro designers, making maps en-mass - ones in the Kremlin, in Washington, in Tokyo, in Cairo, at the UN!


a GLOBAL, archive, with a interactive display, to browse through them, a bit like tourism spots/tabs, on something LIKE, google earth/maps.

both amateur, AND, pro, the best-extra-feature, of the pros',..
with a fee?

but still the free access, for amateur-level uploads,..
friends, family, school-fun, academics-battling it out, university V university, barracks V barracks, from half way around the world... etc


come on Google, get the ball rolling!

these bums at 5lives aren't likely to think you'd be interested!

sorry guys! :D

Rod Welsh

oh yeah - did i mention it? i didn't in my reddit post, where most of this is cut&paste from...

the augmented-R side of it, could be an interactive 1st person aug-R app, that could allow you to WALK AROUND, visualising the map you're making, after you've uploaded it once, but you're still editing it,..

...PRE-release to the public.

so that in that crappy example, i'd then have done a proper one, using the program,..

then downloaded the DRAFT version, INTO MY APP, on my phone,

and then, *drum roll please!*...
...i could GO THERE, in real life,.. and walk around, getting perspective - WHILE STILL EDITING the draft version, pre-final upload !!!

awwwesome. that, was a dream, i literally woke up to... about 2 years ago.

after the final upload, i'd then add all the mission details, items, etc.

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