Game LOOKS amazing, however seems to be unplayable

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Game LOOKS amazing, however seems to be unplayable

Postby Azaxiel » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:44 pm

I just got the game the other day through the give-away on Humble Bundle. First off, I'll say the story actually sounds pretty awesome. The look of the game is pretty cool as well. However, I've run into several things and so far, it seems unplayable.

First, at first launch the game moved to my second monitor and tried to start up full-screen, but at my primary monitor's resolution, immediately causing my second monitor to display a "Resolution Not Supported" error. I had to do shift+winkey+right arrow to get the game back to my primary monitor.

Second, the resolution was a bit too high, so I lowered it, but all this seemed to do was shrink the menu down, but when I returned to the game it was still at the original resolution and hadn't changed.

Third, the game seems to REFUSE to capture my mouse so when I move the cursor to the left edge of the screen to move the camera, the cursor just continues off the games screen and onto my second monitor.

Lastly, when going through the little tutorial, I get to the point where I'm supposed to shoot the cop, my "agent" fires off one round, and then no matter what won't fire again. Every time I follow the tutorials directions to select a weapon and click with the red targeting reticle on the cop, it just selects him and my guy continues to get shot up until he dies.
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Re: Game LOOKS amazing, however seems to be unplayable

Postby DemarcusLaw » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:11 am

What Windows version were you running the game on, Azaxiel? Can I expect these issues on Windows 10?

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