i7-5775c testing? Would it help?

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i7-5775c testing? Would it help?

Postby JensenBreck » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:38 am


I noted in techreport’s review of the new i7-6700k (where they also threw the new 5775c chip into the same review), that they came across some unexpected performance wonderfulness from the 5775c in certain games and applications, which seemed to be down to the 128MB L4 cache on the chip. In Project Cars especially – a notably CPU-heavy game – the 5775c topped the chart by a decent margin, and was a good 35% ahead of the old 3770k, which in most other benchmarks it tended to be on similar ground to.

So I’m wondering, seeing as Satellite Reign is fairly majorly CPU-bound in the majority of cases, and I’m assuming deals with processing some fairly hefty data-sets – has anyone tried, and ideally compared, framerates while using the 5775c?

I’m tempted to bite the bullet and go for an upgrade, it might also help some of my fluid sim work on top of benefits to games. I’m just concerned it’s going to amount to not-a-lot overall compared to my existing 3770k chip.

Please Help.


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