Modding advice for some mod ideas

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Modding advice for some mod ideas

Postby Mortecha » Sat Aug 19, 2017 5:18 am

I would like to add some functionality to the game but would like to check first whether the ideas would be possible to even implement through a custom mod class. I have a good understanding of OOP, a basic understanding of C# and a superficial understanding of Unity, so think these will make for some worthy challenges. I have also decompiled Assembly-CSharp and Assembly-CSharp-firstpass but can't find where the game objects themselves are defined, only functionality that governs how they behave. I'm assuming the engine calls all of these classes through it's main loop, but where could I find SR's equivalent loop as it constructs and uses it's defined objects etc as the game runs.

So the mod ideas I'd like to check are:

- Adding multiple attachments to weapons instead of just one as many of the attachments are not mutually exclusive, while others might be.
- Using a standardised augmentation frame for sections of an agents body, that can then have sub-augmentations attached to them, eg BM Arms V1, that can then have addons for muscles and tendons that affect either speed or strength, or both + ability to access high vents or turn poison valves. Another example would be having the BM torso and head having a number of slots for mutually inclusive augmentations that can be added to improve agent specific functionalities across the board. Something similar to how Deus Ex HR and MD augmentations are implemented.
- Being able to sell old augmentations, weapons and even clones for extra capitol.
- Hijacked agents should have their gear and augs added to the player's equipment pool to then be able to have them equipped or sold at the player's discretion. Weapons the player has not researched become prototypes that can be researched. This allows for the player to be more comfortable with using prototypes as there is access to gaining it again if they lose it.
- Being able to pick up prototype weapons off of dead adversaries, but in a similar way to how the player acquires prototypes normally (the whole flashing briefcase symbol etc, were the prototype then becomes available to the player's research department once their agents reach safety).
- Grenades as separate ammo drops.
- Change the way cloning is done by genetically engineering positive attributes into a newly created clone at the expense of the two old clones, with an added cost to facilitate the process. Clone degradation still works the same.
- Ammunition pickups only refills the ammo of the agent who picks it up. This prevents refilling another agents ammo who is nowhere near the pickup. It's funny to think of one agent throwing grenades and magazines to another agent who is on the other side of a given area.

Would love to hear any advice and thoughts on how I could go about doing these etc, or even if they would be possible to do at all.

Kind regards!
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Re: Modding advice for some mod ideas

Postby TehRoach » Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:21 am

Hi Mortecha,

I am in the same boat as you are in regards to skills and wants for SR.

Would you be interested in any form of collaboration on this subject?

I started Modding SR last night and have successfully created a few small MODs;
Mainly cheats that I probably won't even use, but you know at least now I know that the basic setup works.

So I came looking on this site for some form of API documentation, but unfortunately, this post is the closest thing of any relevance to what I was looking for and it appears on page 22 (for me),
Anyway, I would be very interested in knowing what tools/methods you used to decompile the DLL files and in return, I might be able to help you with your problem :)

Kind Regards

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