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Agent Skins

Postby DISCOgnome83 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:19 pm

Much like many of you I played Syndicate, American Revolt and SWARS and loved every minute of it. Every installment had an underpinning gloomy and violent feel to it that was just brilliant and made the games so enjoyable to play then and even now. Everything in Satellite Reign mirrors this with one exception and it's making my whole experience of this game so much less enjoyable. Whoever at 5LIVES Studios that was responsible for replacing the understated moody leather trench coat wearing agents of destruction with neon clad, sword wielding, armored superheros that couldn't infiltrate a Capcom Convention never mind a military installment should hang their head in shame. As excited as I was about this game, I don't have $150 for a kickstarter. Could someone please address this and release some kind of a mod? I don't need different skins according to the different agents roles... I just want to be able to put a full length trench coat on them that hides all the superhero nonsense. Please 5LIVES... let me and everyone else who has paid for this game put trench coats on them, I'm sure you guys could knock up a mod over lunch one Friday.

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