Savegame/Load bug + Feedback on AI (pls fix!!!)

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Savegame/Load bug + Feedback on AI (pls fix!!!)

Postby wintermute000 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:55 am

1.) the latest build (whatever it is on steam right now) has a bug where sometimes you load the savegame but it puts your status at the start of the tutorial (i.e. 1k cash, tutorial text starts). If you try to reload again, the game crashes. This is intermittent, might happen 1/3 or 1/4 times when you load a save.

2.) feedback - great game, but PLEASE FIX THE PASSIVE AGENT AI!!! All I think it needs is the ability to, you know, return fire. Ideally a toggle system (passive, return fire, auto attack). It would be great if they took cover automatically but just firing back (in particular, switching targets when they kill their current one) would take a huge chunk of pointless micro out of the game.

The total lack of any agent AI is the one big flaw in an otherwise great game. I know multiplayer is a priority right now but I think its a huge flaw. I was actually so stumped at the refusal to return fire that I had to google it to check I wasn't doing something wrong or missing a UI toggle somewhere.

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