The latest edition of MapleStory M

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The latest edition of MapleStory M

Postby Sletrry » Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:36 am

Virtually all the problems that GMS has could be traced, either directly, or indirectly to two things. Bots, and people taking advantage of buy MaplestoryM Mesos . Bots are particularly troublesome since they also take advantage of events by stocking up on mesos to sell for cash. Before NexonNA can begin to actually handle the problems in this game, they want a means to tackle the bot difficulty in this game .

Once they can prevent the robots they can begin to address problems like:maplestory2 mesos inflation,Event manipulation,Availability of items such as CSS, master/meister cubes, protection/safety scrolls etc.. .Devote more GM time to quitting other illegal activities such as selling mesos/nx for cash.

Simply speaking, if they could significantly hamper the production of new bot accounts they then could devote much more of their time to really focusing on problems that confront this particular game. Right now, the only thing stopping bots from producing a new account is becoming either a new IP address or a brand new email (based on the form of ban).

And people are trivial to go around. But, phone confirmation is much harder to get around. It can be as simple as replying to a text message, or getting a phone call and going through an automatic system (eg. "Punch on your pic to confirm that you are the person who made this account.") , so that no one is excluded if they don't have a cellphone.

They also need to connect each phone number to a particular account. If that account receives a ban, so does the phone number. This way, once a bot account is banned, it is going to need a new phone number to make a brand new account. Phone numbers, while plentiful, are far far less plentiful than ip addresses are.

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