Satellite Reign (aka Syndicate) - Early Access

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Satellite Reign (aka Syndicate) - Early Access

Postby faelanstevie » Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:04 pm


I kickstarted this around a year ago and they have now made the alpha version available on Steam through early access. The game is playable and looks pretty good, but is still missing a lot of features and quite buggy. If you already backed the game I would give it a shot, but otherwise I would wait for a more complete version before putting my money down.They did a great job of nailing the Syndicate feel so far, with a complex Blade-runner esque cityscape and hordes of suggestible civilians wandering around to be used as meat shields. The mechanics feel very familiar, with a few nice additions:
1) You can hack machines that are connected to each other, affecting things like security cameras, gates etc. There is a "hacker" view which shows the lines of control between devices. Adds a layer of complexity to infiltrating facilities.
2) You can take cover when under fire to reduce damage to your agents. Its unobtrusive and works well.
3) LOS is simulated, so it is easier to tell when a roving patrol is going to notice you. Same for security cameras. This adds a stealth element that is new to the series

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